Scent Pods - 3 Pack

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An incredible new way to hydrate, these are our fully natural scent pods, designed specially for our scent-based taste bottles!

✓ No calories. No sugar. No chemicals.
✓ 17+ delicious flavours.
✓ Each pod lasts for over 10 litres.
✓ Fully recyclable pods.
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Effectively, our water bottles trick your brain into thinking you're drinking flavoured water by using your sense of smell.

Even though the key factor is your sense of smell, you just drink through our bottles as with any other water bottle, simply fill up your bottle and we'll handle the rest.

No sugars, no chemicals, no BS, just good old standard unflavoured sparkling or still water. With no sugars or flavouring in the water, if youre expecting an intense sugary flavour, you may be slightly dissapointed.

Absolutely, its actually called retronasal smell which effectively just means tasting with your nose.

80% of the tastes you normally experience in everyday life are actually things you are smelling. How wild!

Our bottles have a volume of 750ml, are 8cm wide and 26cm tall and are completely BPA free!

Our metal bottles are made from double-walled stainless steel and our plastic bottles are made from completely BPA-free Tritan!

Each bottle comes with one complimentary scent pod of your choice.

Scent Pods - 3 Pack
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✔ natural ingredients
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✔ no sugar, calories or additives
✔ incredible taste

Look at how others are loving their scnt. bottle!

89% of people reported drinking more water than usual.
Rated ⭐4.8/5 by 35,000+ Happy Customers!

These are actual scnt. customers who are drinking more water every day with their scent-based bottles!

Our scent-based taste bottle vs. other flavoured drinks

Rated ⭐4.8/5

Join 35,000+ Happy Scnt. Users!

I've always been a soft drink addict but that has totally changed thanks to scnt! The amount of flavours to choose from keeps me excited about drinking water and I have barely touched a sugary soft drink since I got my scnt. bottle.

Michael T.

Being a busy mum makes it harder for me to keep up my water intake. The added flavour from scnt has transformed how much water I am getting daily and now I never go far without my scnt. bottle!

Jess M.

Absolute game changer! Feel like I am cheating on my diet but I am actually staying hydrated, I never knew I could fall in love with water this much.

Tessa O.

Being a gym lover and athlete, staying hydrated is massive for me and I can pretty easily get sick of plain water at times. This makes hydration so much more fun and definitely encourages me to drink more during workouts.

Luke B.

As someone who hates the taste of plain water, the natural pods have transformed my hydration routine and completely kicked the days of dehydration and headaches!

Bec A.

I used to hate water so much I was basically allergic but scnt has made it fun! The flavours are honestly so good and I just had to come back to get more so I could try them all!

James A.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Absolutely! Each bottle comes with one scent pod of your choice to test the bottle before comitting to a bigger pack of pods.

Absolutely! Our plastic bottles are all made from Tritan which means they are completely BPA free!

Our metal bottles are made from double wall stainless steel and are also completely BPA-free!

Absolutely, it really does give you a taste or flavouring to your water, especially on first sip. Sense of smell is a pretty big factor in our bottle working amazingly so those with no sense of smell might struggle a bit!

You'll have to try it for yourself and we promise you won't be dissapointed!

Absolutely, angry water as we call it also works with our bottles!

Each pod will last roughly around 10 litres of use.

They absolutely are thanks to being made from Tritan!

Our scent pods are flavoured by 100% natural food essences.

We are proud to say these are vegan and completely gluten-free!

Absolutely, we are super proud to say that all of our pods are recyclable :)

We are based in sunny old Perth, Western Australia!


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